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Export Council for Building Materials, Refractories and Metallurgy Industries


Established by a Ministerial Decree No. 287 of 2008 - Ministry of Industry and Foregin Trade 

It is a service regulatory framework combines all the exporters and roducers in all building materials sectors , included : 

Marble and Granite - wooden furniture - Metallurgy industries - Ceramics - Chemicals Building Materials - Costume Jewelry - Insulation Pipes - castings, metal - Cement - refractories - glass - quarries materials - Sanitaryware and mixers - Brick and tile - plastic - walls ready - Domes and Bishop outstanding - Contracting - Steel - etc ....... .

    Services of the Council:

ü        The Council organizes and supports international and interior exhibitions and puts the annual plans for exhibitions based on the needs of the members of the Council by selecting the shows in the markets in which the members wish to present. The Executive Body studies the most important international and interior exhibitions and missions that have an active and strong role in order to develop the Egyptian exports and the existing markets and to open new markets for the Egyptian exports. 

ü        The Council conducts promotional missions to all foreign markets and brings trade missions to Egypt from all over the world.

ü        The Council founded the Exhibitions and Trade Missions Commission by which a regular meeting is held to determine the needs of various sectors of exhibitions and missions and to communicate with the gentlemen members to resolve all the problems and obstacles in cooperation with the Executive Body of the Council.

ü        The Council Cooperates with all export departments and bodies via trade agreements, customs controls on exports and imports, specifications and quality, industrial control, business and investors associations, the Federation of Egyptian Industries, exports councils, centers of industrial technology, Industry Modernization Center, Center for Industrial Training, etc.…  .   

ü        The Council Cooperates with all ministries and government agencies and other internal and external bodies as well as all the Egyptian trade representation offices in countries around the world to solve the problems facing the gentlemen members.

ü        The Council provides technical training and development in collaboration with the "Center for Industrial Training and Industry Modernization Center".

ü        The Council conducts tests required in cooperation with technology centers at subsidized prices.

ü        The Council cooperates with local and foreign experts for training and repairs at subsidized prices.

ü        The Council offers international quality certificates in cooperation with the Organization for Standardization and Quality and Technology Center of Industry and Innovation.

ü        The Council maximizes the use of trade agreements for gentlemen members by the exemption from customs, privileges, trade exchange or reciprocity.

ü        The Council communicates with foreign trade bodies to solve problems and obstacles facing Egyptian exports.

ü        The Council provides export opportunities, infrastructure projects, investment opportunities and international tenders.

ü        The Council provides marketing studies and investment climate in all countries of the world.

ü        The Council provides annual, monthly and quarterly statistics and data to all sectors of building materials, metallurgical industries, refractories and glass.

ü        The Council notifies the members of the Council of any ministerial decisions or publications relevant to their sectors in cooperation with the Technical Secretariat of the Ministry.

ü        The Council repairs customs defects and deformities for all items of the Council and its sectors.




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